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Past Incidents

10th December 2018

30th October 2018

26th September 2018 Server upgrade

Our hosting provider will be upgrading their server hardware in the near future. No downtime is expected.

We received this e-mail about the upcoming upgrade from our hosting provider:


you're receiving this e-mail because you have an active SSD cockbox. The
SSD cockbox host has served well for the over two years it's been in
operation but it's time that the SSD server got an upgrade to match the
specs of the HDD server. The current SSD VPS store is using raidz2, and
the new store will be using raid10, so expect a significant improvement
in i/o after the migration. The host also has two E5-2690 CPUs, the best
CPUs on cockbox yet.

The new server should be here in a couple weeks, and then it will
probably take me a week or so to get everything set up just right. If
everything goes according to plan (winky face) I should be able to
migrate VMs with just a minute or two of downtime, and without shutting
down your server. But I should be able to give you more accurate
estimates once I've done all the testing before the migration.

You'll get another e-mail a few days before this migration happens. You
don't need to do anything. I love you!

Vincent Canfield
C074 FD71 AD27 71A5 CC1B

14th September 2018 Server unreachable

The server is unavailable for unknown reasons. We have contacted our hosting provider.